MOT Changes Increase Risk of Failure

The MOT test recently had its biggest overhaul for 20 years. It now requires 20 extra checks to various vehicle components including airbags, tyre pressure  monitoring system, catalytic converter and electronic stability control (ESC). For the first time the speedometer will be checked.

The new rules, which officially came into force in March 2013 brings the UK in line with EU regulations. The new checks have been included in MoTs since the start of 2012 but on an advisory-only basis.

A typical modern car has 40 or more computers and a level of technical sophistication a world away from that seen in the early 1990s when the MOT test last underwent a major revision. These changes are important and help bring the MOT test in line with 21st century car technology.

The changes could lead to  many motorists facing increased costs to comply with the new rules. Other key changes include testing whether an array of dashboard lights are working properly, including seat belts, brake fluid and headlights.

Car seats must be able to move forward and backwards, to ensure that drivers can reach the pedals. The electric motor fitted to many seats in modern cars will also be checked separately. Car doors will have to open and close properly. The warning light, which warns that they have not been fully shut, will also be checked. Other additional items subject to the tougher testing regime include airbags, electronic stability controls, the speedometer and the catalytic converter.

250,000 New Cars Failed Their First MoT Check

Auto Express  reported that out of the 70 million MOT records checked by, between 1 January and 9 August, more than 250,000 new cars had failed their first check. TootCompare looked at vehicles registered in 2010 and tested this year. The data related to 1.22million MOTs of cars (motorbikes and vans were stripped out where possible). From the study results the average mileage of a car taking its first MOT was 30,177. went further and published  the 10 big winners and the biggest losers from the findings. Reporting that around 81% of new cars pass their first MOT, having been on the road for three years.  But the best MoT pass record  according to  The Money Expert Top charts  went to the Toyota IQ with a pass rate of 92%.

Further Information
For in-depth details  of the testing procedures download Mot Inspection Manual MOT Inspection Manaul  Private Passenger and Light Commercial Vehicle Testing  (source VOSA/ Government Website)